Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Early Jihad (Struggle)

by Abu Hamzah bin Yusuf Alamo

The morning was cold as he rose out of bed
tried to remember Allah in his head
applied Ahl-us-Sunnah as soon as he woke
praising Allah with the first words he spoke
then he made wuhdoo until all complete
same as he learned it, wash and repeat
made it a point to stretch out with his back
brushed all his teeth with a trusty miswak
dressed in a robe of Islamic fashion
looking the part of a Muslim in action
adding one last bit of flavor and spin
wrapping his head in an Arab turban
making real sure not to miss his suhoor
afterwards walking straight out of the door
having intention to join the Jama'ah
praying with brothers in Fajr Salaah

Sister, you are more than you think

by Abu Hamzah bin Yusuf Alamo

By the One who holds my soul
made the worlds and has control
do you really mean to say
jealousy has had it's way?
You bought the lie and now you've quit
because you feel inadequate
a girl you feel has more to give
than what you have with how you live
Sister simple truth be told
your excuse has gotten old
fact is sister what you're in
is a mess from evil jinn
stop believing Shaitan's lies
make wuhdoo and wash your eyes
take the time to go repent
save you from some punishment
Allah can get you through this pain
heed my words, don't go insane
the things you say are not unique
to someone with a kufr streak
let me right now tell you something
you are not an empty nothing
you are more than flesh and bones
make-up, hair, and color tones
can't get pregnant, can't have kids
doesn't matter what it is
just be grateful for a man
Allah may send unto your hand
make stighfar before you sleep
don't just get by counting sheep
and pray Ar-Rabb your soul to keep